What is TEA?

True Earth Asset (TEA) is a non-partisan project to sponsor those who research and promote the Flat Earth thesis and its awareness, with a digital asset on the BAM digital asset platform.

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Why do we need TEA?

Youtube has cut content creators' access to advertising revenue. 

People need a new means of income. TEA provides you with the resources to work on flat earth activism, research, and education full-time. 

What is the purpose of TEA?

TEA allows all flat earthers, fans and content creators, to have a common stake in the outcome and to coordinate activism towards common goals, such as lobbying and politics, a neglected part of our efforts.

TEA gives flat earth resources and direction. That is leadership, but leadership without leaders.

How do we have leadership without leaders?

Our movement intent (commander's intent to borrow a military concept) is:

We must defund NASA to bring it to account.

We must achieve public disclosure.

We must reverse its cultural and educational damage by getting flat earth clubs and debates going in Quackademia, especially, the Ivy Leagues.

We must prohibit the CIA and NASA from engaging in cultural manipulation. The CIA has used modern art, phony literary movements, phony rock stars, and drug culture as cultural subversion projects. The CIA is a domestic enemy. We must destroy this tool of bankers and scions of elite families.

As flat earthers know, there are multiple deceptions that are intrinsic to the masonic theocracy that rules our world. We want them all gone.

Reform is insufficient.

We really need to abolish the masonic theocracy that is the United States Government. Congress could stop passing budgets that keep the beast alive. We need a fresh start and a new day.

Flat-earthers need to take over the government and starve it to death.

Someday, it will be said, "Flat earthers have taken over the government!"

Why is TEA non-partisan?

TEA is focused on rewarding EFFECTIVENESS, not personality, drama, or infighting.

A movement that is unable to advance becomes a celebrity fest that eats its own tail. Look at white nationalism or libertarianism. Both failed. Libertarians and white nationalists don't care if they are effective. They just want to talk.

Flat Earthers do care if they are effective. We need the world to be a good place. We demand effectiveness from peers. We don't want to be lead astray into other deceptions. Flat earth has quality control. Flat earth has gone up and down, but is always getting better. Those who produce content and do things that advance our understanding and visibility lead by productive contribution, not celebrity for its own sake. That is effectiveness.

Isn't it still top down?

TEA is distributed to those who get results or who work for it. The more such people there are, the more independent resource-holders there are. They then fund follow-up projects that democratize funding.

Why is flat earth a serious movement?

Flat earth is a superior movement to similar movements that have failed.

True-earthers, flat earthers, see all the known deceptions and want them all gone. We have the right attitude of street-smarts, innocence, and defiance. You can't beat that.

Flat earth has the right spiritual type of people to walk the coals and win.



What is a digital asset?

True Earth Asset is a digital asset, like Bitcoin, that serves the public interest in understanding the true nature of the earth.  A digital asset exists in a computer program called a "blockchain protocol."  The program establishes a finite quantity of the asset. We define the name and purpose for the asset and build a community around it to give it value.

Why do digital assets have value?

Digital assets have value because material wealth decays.

Bread goes bad in days. It's value goes to zero. All food rots in a week. A car breaks down in months or years. People want the latest model and car lots have to make room. They are willing to sell. An airplane with empty seats is a total loss. Accepting digital asset is better than nothing. Without a new roof to keep out the water, a house collapses in decades. We see houses in Detroit rotting away that used to be part of once-thriving neighborhoods. All wealth decays. Those who sell goods need to get them off their hands, before these goods are worth nothing.  

By contrast, a digital asset doesn't rot.

When you build a community around a digital asset, the community benefits from it's ability to store value without resorting to banks that could collapse.

A bank has risk that a digital asset doesn't face.

A digital asset can't go bankrupt. It doesn't rot. 

The clock is always ticking for sellers. A digital asset is better than nothing.

That is how Bitcoin got started. Someone accepted bitcoins for a pizza. That ended up being a $30 million pizza.

Where does TEA's value come from?

We will lobby the USG to make True Earth Asset valid US dollars or to have NASA buy them dollar per unit TEA.

This caps the ultimate value of TEA at $1 per unit.

It's good to have a known cap to avoid hype.

That certainty helps us establish its value.

TEA is always worth $0, $1, or something in between.

Can we narrow that down?

Yes. We use scenario analysis. We get some odds of success and use the present value formula to get a present value of TEA.

We can imagine our odds of success (where TEA = $1) over the next ten years at 1/million, 1/100, 1/10, 1/3, 1/2. Then we discount a dollar over ten years at some interest rate (such as 8%, 4%, 2%). Then we multiply by the odds of success. That gives us a present value with current odds.

10 Year ODDS:                   .1               .3              .5          

                    8%   ($.46)     $.046          $.13           $.23

                    6%   ($.56)     $.056          $.17           $.28

                    3%    ($.74)    $.074          $.22           $.37


We know the max value is $1. We discount for time and risk. Those are the values that pop out. You can change the variables to suit your taste. The scenario analysis helps us map out the present values. Using this method, we know that TEA is worth something because there are some odds of success and we can always improve them. Yesterday, TEA didn't exist and was worth nothing. Today, it exists and is worth something.


How do we improve our odds?

With the success and failure of our activism, the odds of success will rise and fall and thus, the value of TEA will rise and fall, accordingly.

The main point is that we have some chance of success which means that TEA has some value today. This means we have resources today to fund our activities to snowball to our ultimate success.

What does it take to really win?

Change public opinion and build on our passion. If we reach 1/3 of public support or if we win over a fraction of the members of Congress, TEA totally wins. Even  partial win is a total win. If Congress requires NASA to buy 1% or 10% of TEA every year that's a total victory.

What does TEA do for the Flat Earth Movement?

TEA gives us the resources to coordinate the flat earth movement towards effective team activities to achieve common goals: to spread the word; to fire the liars; to tear down their lies.

From the scenario analysis, we see a range of $.04 to $.37 cents per TEA. There are 10 billion TEA. This means we have created an asset of some $400 million to $3.7 billion. That is more than enough for us to mobilize truth-seekers and achieve our goals. This valuation is also not out of line with other digital assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

NASA's budget is $17 billion every year; $170 billion over ten years. NASA has plenty of room to buy TEA.



Is this only about a flat earth?

We can show connections between various deceptions of NASA terror culture:

aliens, dinosaurs, asteroids, sudden mass death, NASA terror tales, Hollywood and sci-fi agendas and interests, Tavistock-CIA efforts at social control using the media and arts, artificial fossil fuel scarity, oil wars, nuclear war, real wars to prevent alleged possession of nuclear weapons by "rogue" nations, SDI, suspicious claims of the use of atomic bombs in WWII, global warming, chemtrails, public mass poisonings, and the promotion of alien invasions to bring in a one-world communist government.

In the long run, we must aim to dissolve the masonic theocracy, the USG and/or NASA, for deception of the world. This is much bigger than flat earth or its shape. It's a culture and a clique that thrives on deceptions.

We must cure quaqademia and public schools of globalism.

We don't have all the answers. We must answer our remaining questions.

We must attain resources to fund genuine independent research, exploration, and investigation of the true nature of the earth; with special attention to reaching the North Pole and any unique mountains or entries into or above the earth; and to reach the South Pole and any continents or new lands beyond; to establish or reveal the exact reason for the deception to hide the true nature of the earth; who did it; how it was perpetrated. We must reveal any other secrets concerning our ancient history, our hidden history, our timelines, our origins, and any other related information.

You can see how this is not just about flat earth, but 911, gematria, and many elements of truth. All can benefit from TEA.

What is TEA believe about the earth now?

TEA affirms that, presently, we are on a plane of some kind, of an indefinite extent, with electromagnetic blankets above which seem to power the local sun and stars that reside in our atmosphere; that there may or may not be a dome or an ocean above; that the latter are, currently, unproven claims.

TEA affirms that space travel is a contradiction in terms per Newton's Third Law; that rocket fuel does not burn in a vacuum; that you can't land on a lightning bolt or plasma formation; and that for these three scientific reasons, the moon landings had to be faked; that sufficient evidence exists to show that sound-stage acting was pawned off as moon landing.

As such, NASA has no credibility on any scientific issue. It is a propaganda agency like Pravda, not a scientific institution. All its claims are discredited. It's power to grant money to academia put academia at its mercy. Academia must toe the party line. This is wrong. We must destroy NASA's money power.

NASA's actual history must be exposed, investigated, and verified by multiple independent third-parties, short of, open admissions of guilt.

To this end, all masonic or other obligations of secrecy, confidentiality, and/or national security must be void in the public interest to attain historical truth.  

We aim to fund Congressional candidates who will advance historical truth, abolish NASA (and the CIA) and reject all future federal budgets to end the perverted genocidal warmongering US government. This is a legal way to shut the lying beast down.


If you abolish the US government, wouldn't the dollar collapse?

Yes. No. Maybe. A new government could define a legal decay rate to smoothly retire the US dollar (while issuing its own debt-free currency). For example, the US dollar could decay at .001 of its value per week. After 1000 weeks, it would be worthless. 1000 weeks is 19 years and 3 months. This is plenty of time to retire the US dollar. The dollar would function as an attractive decaying asset relative to other faster decaying assets. The most important benefit is no more NASA, masonic theocracy, debt slavery, and foreign wars.





Get Your CUP of TEA:


1. Get the software.

2. Get help installing it, if necessary.

3. Get your TEA.


1. You can install BAM first to see if you can use it.

***INSTRUCTIONS*** are here.

If you need help ask. (lorenz.f.kraus [[[[@]]]] gmail.com)

Once you have your BAM account available, and you have logged in and out to make sure you get the same account, email me your BAM account ID.


When you are ready to order, select a button below. There is a standard $20 Software and Assistance fee.

To avoid problems with money changing, we can't directly swap dollars for digital assets. Instead, there is a $20 successful software install (and assistance) fee. This gets you up and running. The fee helps us add nodes, update software, and get TEA listed on exchanges.

The digital assets are complimentary. These include 100 BAM and 10,000 TEA. 

The TEA is FREE.


To get TEA off to a good start, we will give 100,000 TEA to the first 1000 orders, rather than, the standard 10K. This offer ends once that goal is met. Early birds get the worm. Software and assistance is just $20.

You have to determine the value of 100,000 TEA yourself and what you think TEA will be worth in the future. Compare FREE or nearly free to your own  scenario analysis values and see if you like the potential. We see a great value.

If you believe as I do flat earth is true and has a future, and you want to help us win, it's a great bargain. Besides, it is very good for the flat earth movement. 

The growth of TEA requires Referrals. 

 Flat Earth content creators who would like to participate 50/50 should email me at:


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