BAM Install

You should have adequate RAM (500MB) available for the program to do its work. Let the program download the blockchain in peace. It is a windows-based file.


1. Get the ZIP file (7.8MB) here:

For check sums (advance users) :

2. Unzip it

3. Go to the folder. Go inside and look for

                   RUN.........................WINDOWS BATCH FILE

4.  Double-click the RUN file to start the program.

5. A CONSOLE window should pop up.

If you need Java Runtime Environment (the server console window will tell you) you can get your version here:

6. You should be connected to the internet. The program will look for nodes to download the blockchain and bring yours up to date. It is currently 600MB.  It may take 1 hour to fully download.  (You can download it in parts, if you like.  Just CLOSE the console.) The console window has to stay open, while using the program or downloading the blockchain. To stop the program, close the console window. 

While 600MB might seem like a lot, Bitcoin's chain is 120GB and Ethereum's is close behind; both would take days to download. 

7. You enter the program through your own browser. This is the address:

8. Enter a practice password like aaa to see if BAM has made contact with other nodes ("peers"). If peers have been found, check to see if it is downloading the blockchain. It should tell you: Downloading Blockchain.

It will take about 3 minutes to get peers. If you can't get peers, and you are using wifi, plug-in directly to your modem to reach the peers.

Making Passwords

9. Now you must make a good password. You can let BAM make a password for you.

10. Should add a tag before and after every word and eliminate all spaces.  A tag might be: 8#5

Your password would look similar to:


Keep your password more than 40 characters, but less than 100 characters. Anything less than 30 will be stolen through brute force cracking programs.

11. Log in and out of your new account. Make sure you get the same BAM account:

It is in the upper left, and it looks something like this: BAM-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

12. Make a copy of your new password on paper, just in case, your computer fails you. The BAM ID and the password should be different. When doing transactions, you give people your BAM ID, but you keep your password secret. 

13. Once you have an account, log into this account, and send yourself 10 BAM.


14.  Once you have your 10 BAM transaction, send 1 BAM back to here


Then, email me at lorenz.f.kraus [[[[[@]]]]] and I'll send you 100 BAM and 10,000 TEA.

15. If you have Malwarebytes, run it regularly to avert spyware and other problems. It's entirely your responsibility to secure your account and keep your computer safe. Many people have lost their money because of poor security practices.








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3) How blockchain technology works