Political Roadmap

Federal-State-Local Opportunities

Here are examples of what we can do to get Storm Dollar as good for taxes dollar for dollar

  1. State of California Ballot Initiative Project: 
“State of California will accept Storm Dollar as good for paying up to 5% of all personal and corporate taxes and ½ of all parking tickets dollar for dollar.” (Need to build a California Dreaming Team.) 
 2. Chicago Deal:  Chicago is on the verge of bankruptcy. What if Chicago agreed to accept 50 million Storm Dollars for tax purposes dollar for dollar each year for twenty years, in return for 1 billion Storm Dollars to get out of bankruptcy today? This would give Storm Dollar dollar-parity. It is also interest-free, not a bond.
3. Name any other community with a similar problem. If Chicago doesn't accept the offer, someone else will.
4. New Jersey: a similar problem that is more pressing. They need $1.6 billion by June 30th.  So, divided that by 20 years, is 80 million per year.  Can New Jersey accept 80 million Storm Dollars, as good for taxes dollar-for-dollar, annually for 20 years, in return for 1.6 billion Storm Dollars?
There are many localities in the hole. It only takes one fish to bite to get dollar-dollar parity. 
You can also start a city with X units and agree to have 1/20 X units paid each year in taxes or land. That's what VM is all about.