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You must have a strong 50-99 unit password to beat the BRUTE FORCE hackers who might steal your BAM.  You are responsible for your password. We do not have access to them and can't recover them for you. Passwords cannot be changed. To change your password, you have to create a new account and move your BAM to the new account. 

The fastest way to make a password is to let the client generate one for you. Write the words down and save them. 

A simple technique is to make a TAG (such as 7$4$) and put it BEFORE and AFTER every word generated by the client. Eliminate all spaces. Do this in MS word and check word count to see if you have spaces. 

Remember to save your password in a text doc. Better yet learn to encrypt the file.

More advance techniques are shown in the pdf. [here soon].


Technical Questions:

 BAM is based on NXT source code.

BAM does not include the digital store, currency, or news. Instead, additional security and charge card features will be added to make BAM easier to use. 

Nxt Review:

Nxt Forum:  Most of your questions have been answered at the Nxt forum:

BAM has re-branded and re-deployed Nxt with a better strategy for mass-market adaption of the technology. You can see that from our individual BAM faucet which is fast and easy, our BAM-storm team rewards for spreading the word, and the ability to give BAM value by backing BAM with Storm.


Value Questions:

Why is BAM worth $.05?

BAM is worth what backs it. There are 2 billion BAM. At $.05 BAM needs to be backed by $100 million in value. Storm is a potential US dollar based on our political effort to get it recognized as good for paying taxes dollar for dollar.

Which is easier for the public and thus the state to recognize: gay marriage, or their Storm Dollars as good for taxes? Surely, the latter.)

Notice also we aren't inflating the money supply, though it appears so at first glance. We providing a tax indulgence, or tax deduction; given today, but recognized tomorrow.

This may sound odd, but we have political freedom, we can get the laws we want, and we can change tax law. We can get the IRS to accept chickens or leaves for taxes. (Then chickens or leaves would be money.) Money is whatever the state accepts for taxes. We want the state to accept Storm for taxes dollar for dollar.

This fact helps price Storm. We have one variable, a maximum value, $1. From this we can discount for time (interest rate) and risk (venture capital discount).

Let's assume we get our law within 20 years. Let's also assume an interest rate of 8%. Using the present value formula, we find that one dollar discounted by 8% over 20 years is $.21.

Now we discount that again for risk. Venture capitalists want ten times on their money. So, we take 1/10th of $.21 to get $.02. (Venture capital discount).

This is called scenario analysis.  


Storm Dollar Scenario Analysis8.PNG


Different assumptions give different prices.

700 billion Storm Dollars

There are 700 Billion Storm Dollars (and 2 billion BAM) just as there were $700 billion USD given to banksters to bail out their banks. (If they can get a bailout, why can't the IRS accept your Storm Dollars?!) At $.02 this gives us a market cap of $14 billion. We just need $100 millon to back BAM.

You can see we can use a variable quantity of Storm to back BAM to keep it at a constant of $.05. This allows everyone to trade Storm in terms of BAM.


BAM creates a legal and secure Storm Dollar market.

1.Because Storm is safely inside BAM, we eliminate GOX-risks (exchange risks)
2.Because coins and trading are isolated from USD, there is no fiat/money laundering risks. (The dual-coin system complies with NYS bitcoin rules; which have butchered Bitcoin’s value.)

3.Yet, we have a dollar-like system because we can discount Storm into USD using scenario analysis.


Just as there is a market in carbon credits where the law came first, here we made a market in tax deductions where we work for a law to give Storm Dollars legal recognition. 


What is the vision?

With the resources we've just generated, we can create our own independent solutions to our nation's problems and fulfill the truth of our Constitution's Preamble "to create a more perfect union for ourselves and our posterity." 



Political Roadmap

Federal-State-Local Opportunities

Here are examples of what we can do to get Storm Dollar as good for taxes dollar for dollar

  1. State of California Ballot Initiative Project: 
“State of California will accept Storm Dollar as good for paying up to 5% of all personal and corporate taxes and ½ of all parking tickets dollar for dollar.” (Need to build a California Dreaming Team.) 
 2. Chicago Deal:  Chicago is on the verge of bankruptcy. What if Chicago agreed to accept 50 million Storm Dollars for tax purposes dollar for dollar each year for twenty years, in return for 1 billion Storm Dollars to get out of bankruptcy today? This would give Storm Dollar dollar-parity. It is also interest-free, not a bond.
3. Name any other community with a similar problem. If Chicago doesn't accept the offer, someone else will.
4. New Jersey: a similar problem that is more pressing. They need $1.6 billion by June 30th.  So, divided that by 20 years, is 80 million per year.  Can New Jersey accept 80 million Storm Dollars, as good for taxes dollar-for-dollar, annually for 20 years, in return for 1.6 billion Storm Dollars?
There are many localities in the hole. It only takes one fish to bite to get dollar-dollar parity. 
You can also start a city with X units and agree to have 1/20 X units paid each year in taxes or land. That's what VM is all about.

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